It all started with glass painting, a little spark of passion that ignited within me. A dear friend approached me with a request, asking for a touch of artistic magic for her glass beads. As I lovingly painted each bead, an idea began to sprout in my heart – if I could bring a smile to her face, why not create more hand-painted beads, and forge my own style? With newfound determination and a heart full of hope, a new idea bloomed into head—to create flowers and use glass paints to paint them. I wanted to capture Mother Nature's grace and her inspiration, and thus Forever Blossom was born.

As inspiration continued to flow into me like a gentle stream, my collection bloomed with an array of flowers—- the enchanting frangipani, with its fragrance, the delicate Sakura, a whisper of elegance, forget-me-nots, a hint of eternal remembrance. Each piece became a unique tribute to nature's wonders, a wearable work of art that carried the beauty of the world within its design.

Hair pins and hair forks with single Forget-Me-Not flower, handmade, Sky blue colour.

But my journey wasn't just about crafting jewelry; it was about nurturing connections. With every piece I created, I aimed to share a piece of my heart, a fragment of my dreams. It's a humbling experience to imagine my creations adorning the lives of people from all walks of life – a bride on her special day, a friend celebrating a milestone, a mother embracing her child with love.

In the gentle embrace of my jewelry, I find solace, just as I hope you do too. Every time you wear a piece from my collection, you carry a part of my story with you, a story of growth, passion, and the ever-present reminder that beauty can be found in the smallest of things.

Thank you for joining me on this journey of creativity, connection, and blooming dreams. We make your dream pieces come true so feel free to share your ideas with us. Together, let's continue to celebrate the magic of handmade artistry and the beauty that nature bestows upon us. Welcome to our little corner of the world, where each piece tells a story, from the evolution of simple glass painting to Forever Blossom.

With Love,


Grace your neck with the poetry of nature woven into our artisanal necklaces. Each strand is a story of petals and dreams, carefully curated to adorn you with elegance and wonder. The flowers, captured in miniature splendor, lend an air of enchantment to every neckline they grace. As you wear our necklaces, know that you're embracing the legacy of craftsmanship and celebrating the delicate beauty that unites us with the world around us. Let these necklaces be a testament to your unique journey, a reflection of the timeless dance between human creativity and the natural world's boundless allure.



Adorn your ears with nature's most delicate wonders – our handcrafted earrings are a symphony of elegance and artistry. Each pair is a testament to the beauty that blooms around us, captured in miniature works of wearable art. From the fragrance of lavender to the graceful blooms of Sakura, every earring carries a story of nature's grace and a touch of the extraordinary. Let these earrings dangle from your lobes, whispering tales of whimsy and dreams with every sway.

An elegant bracelet with adjustable crystal chain and slider, tiny teal colour Lily flower with a glass bead in the centre, handmade bracelet.


Wrap your wrist in a bouquet of everlasting charm with our artisanal bracelets. Each link, each bead, a brushstroke of love and creativity, bringing to life the essence of nature's beauty. Whether it's the serene elegance of the orchids or the delicate allure of the cherry blossom, our bracelets are more than just accessories – they are a celebration of life's intricate moments, woven together with the threads of inspiration and dedication.


Hair Accessories

Crown yourself with the ethereal beauty of our handcrafted hair accessories. Let the sakura and jasmine blooms nestle amidst your tresses, adding a touch of whimsy and enchantment to your every step. With delicate artistry, each accessory is a tribute to the harmonious dance of nature, a reminder that even the smallest details can hold the most profound significance. Let your hair tell a story of grace and elegance, adorned with the wonders of the garden.



Pin your heart's desires with our exquisite brooches, a fusion of artistic passion and timeless elegance. These intricate pieces carry within them the essence of delicate flowers, each petal a brushstroke of emotion and creativity. As you fasten a brooch to your lapel or scarf, you carry with you a piece of the artist's soul, a connection to the world of blooming dreams. Embrace the charm of these miniature masterpieces and let them be a beacon of grace wherever you go.



Wrap your finger in the embrace of nature's most enchanting blooms with our meticulously crafted rings. Each ring is a testament to the allure of flowers – the frangipani's intoxicating fragrance, the lily's delicate beauty – a harmonious fusion of art and elegance. With every glance at your hand, you'll be reminded of the intricate beauty that surrounds us, captured forever in the form of a wearable treasure. Let these rings be a symbol of your own blooming journey, a connection to the natural world and the dreams it inspires.

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